Environmental guidelines

Acting sustainably to protect the environment and promote social justice

About us Environmental guidelines

Acting sustainably means thinking about tomorrow today – in economic terms, to protect the environment and to promote social justice. This obligation towards our employees and customers, our fellow human beings and future generations guides our business activities every step of the way.

An important part of our corporate philosophy is thus our constant effort to protect the environment and spare resources. For us, caring for the environment means taking a holistic view in the analysis and improvement of in-house routines. The reduction of avoidable environmental burdens during the production process is not only kind to nature, but also helps to spare resources. We additionally apply this principle to all the services we provide.

The fight for social justice is a further aspect of sustainability. For us, social commitment is crucial for any company today. Internally, this includes industrial safety, healthcare, fair wages, a good working atmosphere and the prevention of discrimination. Externally, our general social commitment should be mentioned, as well as our choice of suppliers and business partners according to these same principles.

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Successful environmental protection and sustainability can only be achieved through the active cooperation of all members of staff. Our employees are continually updated and informed, enabling them to take active responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability in our company. Our business partners, neighbours, the authorities and interested members of the public are always invited to speak openly with us, and we welcome constructive criticism and suggestions for further improvement.

By participating in ECOPROFIT and involving our employees, we contribute to the sustainability and preservation of our local area.

Environmental protection and social justice have thus become integral parts of our corporate philosophy and our products. We make improvements whenever and wherever possible.