Luxury Boutique

Grandeur within
a relaxed setting


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The character of this Luxury Boutique is reflected in its impressive staircase: spacious and airy, with a trace of nonchalance. A concept with finesse, in which cherry wood features as the key element. The furniture designs vary, bringing both movement and structure to the inside of the store.

Luxury Boutique Toronto
Luxury Boutique Toronto

Designed by Rena Dumas
Agence d’architecture, d’architecture intérieure et de design
13 Rue du Mail, 75002 Paris France

The challenges

The formidable staircase was the product of a perfect collaboration between three different trades. A work of precision, in which marble steps, cherry wood banisters and a leather handrail are all seamlessly joined. The finished effect harmonises perfectly with the store's elegant interior design.

The secluded shopping area has an intimate character, created by the dark sheen of its furniture. Quality craftsmanship from a French design studio posed a largely logistical challenge.

A large marble table for the presentation of fragrances is another imposing feature. Cleverly lit recesses illuminate the perfume bottles, making their contents appear to shimmer.

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